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Specialist Garment Services

We assume complete discretion when offering our range of specialist services dealing with contaminated product. We work alongside you or your insurers to satisfy your requirements.

After inspection or cleaning we can salvage viable stock and re-process the product to its original or required packaged state.

Ozoning Cleaning and Fumigation

If any of your shipments have been contaminated in any way through mould, odours, damp, smoke or insect infestation, We can ozone treat or fumigate it for you. Using the latest environmentally friendly methods our highly trained staff can treat, store and re-process quickly and effectively bringing your product back to a saleable condition.

Contaminated Container Handling

We have extensive experience in dealing with deliveries which have been subject to both animal and human habitation.

Due to the nature of the contamination, these containers require specialist handling.

We have a safe handling policy which protects both our employees and your goods followed by a thorough decontamination process with the aim of salvaging as many garments - products as possible for our customer.


We have at our disposal a full range of professional specialist cleaning services covering laundry, dry cleaning and ozoning. The following are examples of cleaning requirements we can cover:

  • Dirt Contamination
  • Water Marking
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Odour Removal
  • Mould Removal
  • Ink removal
  • Fat and food mark removal

Label Printing

Our onsite label printing facilities mean we can instantly produce labels in satin and paper, adhesive or plain. From small satin adhesive labels for internal garment use to set pack labels, box end labels and garment bag labels. These can detail any requirement including garment size, stock no, style, colour, product code, full washing instructions and symbols. Our computer design system allows us to scan and reproduce any company logo or graphic onto a label, giving us the ability to customize any label to your requirements.