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Fabric / Garment Testing

We have a close working relationship with a variety of garment and fabric testing centres around Leeds. If you require the garment or fabric testing we can arrange for such things as:

Rub Testing

We have several methods available to indicate abrasion, durability of garments, we can also offer wear trials should they be required.

Dye Fastness

Testing for colour fastness is one of our standard and very cost effective services and can prevent liability claims.

Fabric Composition

We can test and report on the fabric composition.

Stress Testing

We can stress test a large number of items ranging from car seats to clothing, In order to maintain not only the acceptable levels of safety but far beyond. 

Pilling / Bobbling

We have a number of trimming and industrial fabric shavers able to restore the look of your garments.

Drop Testing

We can offer a service which supports the longevity of items to avoid damage and safety in transit, warehousing, home etc. Once the results are available they are immediately forwarded to you. Reports for any claims against suppliers or carriers can be prepared on your behalf by our team of experienced garment and fabric technicians.